Park Home Insulation Specialists

At Black Box Insulation we have teams of installers ready to help you conserve energy by insulating your home. From installing Underfloor Insulation, External wall insulation and Internal wall insulation to fixing your boilers. We are here to help.

Customer Testimonials


" We are thrilled with the work Black Box Insulation have done to our Park Home, it looks like a completely different home! Having the white finish makes the home look clean and crisp and even better we don't need to … " read more

"Great workers, great company in every aspect"
Mr & Mrs Vera & Charles Measham

" We are thrilled with the work, we wouldn't even consider another company after dealing with Black Box Insulation. They are professional and extremely hard working. The workers don't even except a cup of tea while they … " read more

"Absolutely spot on Black Box Insulation! We have and will continue to recommend you to our neighbours"
Mr & Mrs Jarvis

" I am so pleased with the work Black Box did on my home. Everything was carefully taken off the home and put back just as it was when they got here. I am so warm now and actually wake up warm in the mornings!! " read more

"Thank you so much Black Box"
Mrs Drinkwater

" We are really pleased with the work Black Box Insulation have completed on our Park Home. The home itself is only a year old but we still needed the insulation and Black Box didn't fail to deliver. The work was … " read more

"Highly recommended"
Mr Graham Kirkin

" I heard about Black Box Energy from one of the large projects they completed on the Park Homes in Stokes Bay and saw their work and thought it was great. I was right, they have done a splendid job on my Park Home and … " read more

"I was so pleased with the wall insulation I am also having under my Park Home insulated by Black Box too!"
Mrs Joy Metcalf

" Great work from Black Box Energy it has made such a difference to our Park Home and we are so glad we had the work done. We noticed the difference straight away from the day Black Box put their boards on the walls . " read more

"Delighted with the work, thanks Black Box Energy"
Mr & Mrs Weaver

" We are delighted with the work Black Box have done to our Park Home. Splendid bunch of lads and great office staff. " read more

"Highly recommended"
Mr & Mrs Hawkins

" We are thrilled with the work Black Box Energy have done to our Park Home. We originally were put off having the work done as another company charged so much for the work they did next door. However Black Box Energy … " read more

"Thanks Black Box Energy we are so glad we came across you"
Mr & Mrs Victor & Sandra Evason

" We've known about Black Box Energy for a while and having seen lots of their work on our site we finally decided to get insulation on our Park Home and we are so glad we did! Thanks Sam for overseeing the work and a big … " read more

"Thanks to the Black Box Energy team"
Mr Stan Cobbold

" Great work from Black Box Energy. Our home feels so good now. Before the install above our windows there was a leek, now Black Box have fixed that and our home is dry, warm and looks great! " read more

"Thank you very much, highly recommended"
Mr & Mrs Rosemarie & Peter Arbuckle