Office Staff

Managing Director

Matthew Dowling

  • Overseeing a wide range of businesses, my passion has always been in reducing the energy we use on a day to day basis.

    I believe we can all be warm and still be energy efficient. Even those in fuel poverty can afford to heat their homes in the winter, if enough effort is put into making that a reality.

    I spend a lot of time finding ways to motivate the industry, from creating Software to help with Energy Assessments to insulating homes.

    Currently we are paying special attention to insulating Park Homes.

Administration Support

Angela Hawkins

  • I am a people person.

    And at work I get to deal with every kind of person you could hope to meet. Its very rewarding, and every day is different. From the moment I step into the office I get to interact with folk from every walk of life with completely different lives.

    I think its the difference in people that never ceases to surprise and astound me.

    It keeps life fresh and I love my job.

Operations Assistant

Dean Rolf

  • Mobilising Marketing.

    Since working for Black Box Energy I have been stretched and learnt many new skills.

    I work hard and try to perform at the highest level at everything I do.

    And when working here, I know I will keep being stretched and develop transferable skills that I could take anywhere.

Finance & Compliance

Robin Martin

  • Many years experience in Finance.

    I have worked in the Financial and Energy sectors for all of my life.

    There are always challenges and my in depth knowledge oils the cogs of the machine.

    My time at Black Box Energy has always been interesting and varied.

Business Development

Sam Harbour

  • Sales Professional

    I love this company and all that it stands for. I will not let anything fall by the wayside. I will make certain we all pull together as one big machine forging new paths and opportunities.

    We have managed to put together a strong force for change. And we will make a difference.

    I work hard, I play hard. When I'm not at work, I'm working out or I'm asleep.


Business Development

Nick Dowling

  • I don't know why, but I get a kick out of helping everything run smoothly in this company. And if I can make even a small difference to the operation then that puts a smile on my face.

    In my role of Business Development, I get out and about a lot. And I like that. I like that feeling where I am on a mission to overcome and beat into submission all and any obstacles that get in the way. I see a problem, and I deal with it.

    There are not many companies I would be given the opportunity to make a real difference to real people's lives. But here I get to do that every day.

Operations Manager

Joanne Rawlings

  • Energy compliance expert and Logistics coordinator

    I work long hours, eat at my desk and have to find solutions to problems that seem unsolvable. And I have everyone looking to me to sort it out.

    There is little in life as rewarding as overcoming the impossible and managing to create an environment where the team feel able to take on seemingly overwhelming odds and come out the other end with a smile on their face.

    But possibly even more rewarding is when our clients tell us what a big difference we have made to their lives.



Steve Peck

  • Computer, Network and Software Technician.

    We have mix of Microsoft and Apple computers on an internal network, and also run our own Web Server. A large part of our business runs from cloud based technology, developed in house and specific to our business model.

    I have 20+ years experience in IT covering a wide range of areas including Software Development, Systems Administration and general computer troubleshooting. Along with having taught basic computer competencies to people who have had no or little contact with IT before.

    Outside of work, I have exhibited some of my oil paintings in a couple of small local exhibitions.