November 2017

Mrs Genia North

"I am so pleased with the insulation especially the colour its beautiful. The guys were so hard working and just didn't stop. I'm so happy with Black Box Insulation I'm having them to back to fit me new skirting."

"Thanks Black Box"

October 2017

Mr & Mrs Powell

"We are so pleased with the guys they worked like trogons. They just never stopped and their attention to detail is great. We have a small heater in the living room now and we only have to turn it on for short periods of time as the room just stays hot. It's turned our Park Home into what now looks like a bungalow"

"We are just absolutely thrilled with Black Box Insulation, thanks everyone"

August 2017

Mr & Mrs Mitchell

"We are thrilled with the work Black Box have done for us. They did the underfloor and the walls and also fitted corner bricks which finish the work really well. We highly recommend Black Box and their workers are hard working and highly skilled."

"Many thanks to everyone at Black Box"

June 2017

Mr Beard

"Id seen Black Box Insulation working on site and had just brought my Park Home . Their work was so good I had to get this done as I wanted my new Park Home to be properly insulated."

"Complete transformation, the workers didn't stop"

June 2017

Mrs Stephenson

"Black Box Insulation were great. I had the underfloor and walls done and have already noticed a difference in my home. I am very happy happy with the colour and finish and was surprised that during the hot weather my home is actual cooler!"

"Great workers great company"

June 2017

Mr & Mrs Vera & Charles Measham

"We are thrilled with the work Black Box Insulation have done to our Park Home, it looks like a completely different home! Having the white finish makes the home look clean and crisp and even better we don't need to paint it for 10 years."

"Great workers, great company in every aspect"

April 2017

Mr & Mrs Jarvis

"We are thrilled with the work, we wouldn't even consider another company after dealing with Black Box Insulation. They are professional and extremely hard working. The workers don't even except a cup of tea while they work as all their attention is on the job and not on their phones alike some contractors we've had in the past! We have now had the insulation on our walls 3 months and in that time we've used the same amount of gas as we did in the week alone before Black Box started work, what a transformation. People say it looks like a new Park Home!"

"Absolutely spot on Black Box Insulation! We have and will continue to recommend you to our neighbours"

April 2017

Mrs Drinkwater

"I am so pleased with the work Black Box did on my home. Everything was carefully taken off the home and put back just as it was when they got here. I am so warm now and actually wake up warm in the mornings!!"

"Thank you so much Black Box"

April 2017

Mr Graham Kirkin

"We are really pleased with the work Black Box Insulation have completed on our Park Home. The home itself is only a year old but we still needed the insulation and Black Box didn't fail to deliver. The work was completed in a matter of 5 days and we are thrilled with the outcome"

"Highly recommended"

March 2017

Mrs Joy Metcalf

"I heard about Black Box Energy from one of the large projects they completed on the Park Homes in Stokes Bay and saw their work and thought it was great. I was right, they have done a splendid job on my Park Home and not only that but the workers were great."

"I was so pleased with the wall insulation I am also having under my Park Home insulated by Black Box too!"