Beware of pale imitations

Black Box Insulation Customer

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** Attention Park Home Owner! **

How to Spot these Companies

There are two key ways you can spot sub-standard materials being used by these companies.

The first is by a company not being transparent about the supplier of their materials.

Always ask!

If you would like any specific details about any of our systems please do not hesitate to ask and we are more than happy to send you our UK Government & supplier accreditation and fire resistance certifications that show our class ) fire ratings.

The second is if the insulation boards (EPS) used are white, rather than the grey you can see here.

Our EPS boards have an extremely high thermal resistance and achieve U -Values (how heat loss is measured; the lower, the more efficient) Our boards are grey as the Neopor Polystyrene we use contains Graphite. This reduces the loss of heat 21% MORE than white EPS boards, and reduces the heat loss in your Park Home by more than a total of 50%.