Exterior Maintenance

Black Box Insulation Engineer

At first glance this looks like a perfectly "sound" Park Home.

However upon further inspection it was found there was damp in the substrate of the Home.

To externally insulate this Park Home we had to take off the outer skin of the Home and replace the damp Ply and Timber Batons.

Once the outer skin of the Park Home was removed we replaced the Timber Batons of the Park Home.

These are the substrates which hold the Park Home together and act as the skeleton that keeps the Home strong. All rotten internal insulation was removed and replaces with special Celotex insulation.

Upon successful completion of changing the Timber Batons & Internal Insulation we changed the damp External Ply with new 9mm WBP External Ply.

These sheets were screwed into the new strong Batons giving the skeleton of the Home a new lease of life.

When the remedial works were completed on the Park Home we Externally Insulated the Home using our unique SIX Stage process (see here).

Not all Homes will need this sort of work carried out, most just need External Insulation applied. However, if you think you may have damp contact us today, we can eliminate Damp & Condensation.

External Repairs to Walls

If your Park Home has damp or the walls have been damaged over time we can carry out repair works. Often these damages have caused the damp. Our repairs eliminate the damp when accompanied with External Wall Insulation.