External Wall Insulation & Solid Wall Insulation

Black Box Insulation works with products from SPS Envirowall, Adeplast and Masterplast

section of insulation material 1st layer Mesh 2nd layer Primer Top Coat 10mm Neopor Graphite Polystyrene Neopor Graphite Polystyrene

From start to finish the whole home is insulated in only 4 days!

The insulation provides a thermos flask effect. This means the warmth is held in during the cold winter months but maintains a cool environment during a hot summer.

Improves heating efficiency - SAVE up to 60% on your energy consumption.

No need to repaint for 10 years.

Eliminates damp and condensation.

Reduces external noise disruption

Choice of colour finishes

Enhances the appearance and value

Benefit from better sound insulation and improved weather resistance

Low maintenance

Potential to increase the value of your home

All work and materials are Guaranteed for 25 years