Funding Fuel Poverty

  Fuel Poverty case study: N

Mrs N came to us with her Park Home in desperate need of attention.

She wanted External Wall Insulation (EWI), new guttering & downpipes, new soffits and the chassis looked at. Mrs N was not only cold in the winter months, but upon further inspection of her home from an independent chartered surveyors report we had carried out (which we have carried out with every EWI job), it was found her chassis was also in desperate need of attention.

We sent our head installer to take a look at the work that needed to be carried out and he found that all 8 axles stands needed replacing and the whole chassis needed to be primed & treated with Iron Oxide paint.

This work was carried out over two days.

After this was competed we had another obstacle to overcome: Mrs N’s Park Home is located in close proximity to her neighbours, and due to the distances being close to those that fire safety regulations allow we had to submit all of the fire safety certificates our SPS Envirowall insulation system comes with.

However, the council were very pleased to give us the all clear on receipt of these documents and work began. The work was completed in 4 days and upon completion Mrs N had this to say about us:

I am very very happy with my new home, workmanship is wonderful & everyone concerned, especially the office staff, most helpful.

At Black Box Insulation we pride ourselves on achieving the best customer service, and helping those like Mrs N whose home was in desperate need of attention. Sam, our customer Liaison Manager commented

I love seeing projects through from start to finish, especially ones which totally transform properties. I take great job satisfaction from hearing customers like Mrs N’s reactions after work is complete, it really makes my day.

At Black Box Insulation we work with councils all over the South East to deliver fuel poverty funding to those residents that really need our help. We are dedicated to ending fuel poverty in the UK and will carry on supporting councils in this battle until there is no longer fuel poverty in the UK.

  Fuel Poverty case study: M

Mr M came to us wanting help obtaining a Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) voucher.

Before work began we worked closely with him and got him £3,750 towards the costs of having External Wall Insulation (EWI). Mr M was thrilled with this and work towards getting his Park Home insulated began.

Before we insulate every Park Home we have an independent Chartered Surveyors Report carried out. This report assesses the structural integrity of the Park Home and ensures that it can support the extra weight of the insulation and will highlight any fundamental issues.

On completion of Mr M's Chartered Surveyors report it was found his exterior ply was rotten & his chassis required new axle stands.

Therefore before applying the insulation panels we spent a day applying new exterior ply (6mm) and new timber batons. Once this was completed the team replaced the rusted axle stands with 16 new galvanised iron axle stands and the Park Home was ready to be Externally insulated.

The install went ahead and was finished in 4 days and Mr M commented at the end:

The lads have done a wonderful job, I cannot fault one bit of their work, they do not stop!.

It’s great to help Park Home residents to live in a warmer, healthier and happier environment.

We wish Mr M all the best in his newly renovated Park Home & if he needs any further refurbishment works carried out in the future, help from our dedicated refurbishments team is only a phone call away.

  Fuel Poverty case study: X
Better Care Fund

The £3.8 billion Better Care Fund (BCF) was announced by the Government in the June 2013 Spending Round, to support transformation and integration of health and social care services to ensure local people receive better care. The BCF is a pooled budget that shifts resources into social care and community services for the benefit of the NHS and local government.

Following agreement by Ministers in June 2014, £1 billion of the NHS additional contribution to the BCF will now either be commissioned by the NHS on out of hospital services or be linked to a corresponding reduction in total emergency admissions. Protection of social care remains a top priority, and the revised plans must reflect this clear policy intention.

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