Internal Wall Insulation

Stay warm, healthy and save money.

Product Details

We install a range of leading manufacturers internal wall insulation products, commonly known as 'Rigid Boards' & the process as 'Dry Lining'

Our preferred systems for internal insulation are:


There can be a number of reasons to use one system over another; considerations can be based on U Value's required, space limitations/thickness of products, amount of flexibility required when installing etc.

When we initially survey projects, we carry out U Value calculations, assess our client’s project and cost requirements, and based on these, we will recommend the best and most cost-effective solution.

These insulation products can achieve a range of u-values and provide an efficient way to insulate a building through insulating the internal envelope. They are predominantly used on refurbishment projects and can vastly reduce the CO2 emissions of a building. All these insulation types have been fully tested to ensure that they are suitable for their application.

Once these systems are installed, then significant cost savings can be achieved on fuel bills, while ensuring your home is warm and cosy.

Offers the installer maximum flexibility and installation speed due to the tapered edge insulated plasterboard
Provides reliable long term energy savings for buildings